Travbowman's Week 8 Ballot

1 UConn Passed Purdue for me this week
2 Purdue Still great just not the top
3Arizona No change
4 Kansas No change
5 Houston No change
6Tennessee Have to figure out the ugly offense nights
7 Gonzaga Feel like they'll hover around this spot for awhile
8 Alabama The SEC race for first should be really good
9Virginia Can't drop them too much for a conference road loss
10UCLA No change
11 Texas No change
12 Baylor No change
13Arkansas No change
14 Wisconsin Quietly moving up
15West Virginia No last place finish this year
16 Duke Only a small drop for the road loss
17 Charleston Looked great at Coastal
18 New Mexico Just keep winning
19 Virginia Tech BC losses are bad
20Mississippi State Had to drop them a bit
21 Indiana They beat who they should then look bad against the best
22 Xavier No change
23 Miami (FL) Good to beat UVA
24 North Carolina Not "back" but back in my rankings
25 Florida Atlantic Rank the owls you cowards

Overall Rationale

I thought this would be a quiet week and then seven of my ranked teams lost anyway