peachios's Week 9 Ballot

1 Purdue now it seems def unanimous
2 Houston you get a slight up with uconn losing
3UConn xavier is a solid team at least
4 Kansas closey
5 Arizona idk a mix of seeming very strong and quiet at the same time
6Texas it continues, so I guess the articles will as well
7 Alabama sec play starting is giving some decent matchups, idk if I should've dropped miss state as far as i did though
8 Tennessee man lotta close sec matches
9Virginia I have them a little hgher than others but seems in the range
10Gonzaga the time of zaga just beating everyone starts
11 UCLA yeesh close one against wsu is bad but you neer know things happen
12 Miami (FL)
14 Arkansas a lcose loss to another sec team is rough but the life now
15Indiana real quiet
16 TCU
17 Duke couple weeks that hsould be easy to get back on track I suppose
18 Baylor that was a rough loss to iowa state, but that team may be good
19 Xavier big uconn win there
20New Mexico
21 Maryland
22 Missouri
23 San Diego State
24 LSU
25 Ohio State

Overall Rationale