Maladroit44's Week 9 Ballot

1 Purdue not awake enough to do good recaps this week. gg Purdue on (sort of backing into) #1
2 UConn huskies still good tho
3Houston #2 is basically a dead heat here, I have no idea who I'd pick on a neutral court
4 UCLA uhcluh
5 Tennessee orange bowl champs babyyyy
6Kansas not to be a homer but KU 100% got away with a game-winning foul to beat OKST
7 Arizona uggghhh okay Arizona is probably good
8 Alabama good (???) win over miss state
9Xavier I feel vindicated about top ten Xavier, to say the least.
10Arkansas can't remember the last time Arkansas played a competitive opponent before LSU the other day
11 Texas chris beard is still employed
12 Gonzaga gonzaga is about to go like 18-2 in conference play and I'll still have no clue if they're all that good
13Virginia probably possibly not dead
14 New Mexico LAND
15Ohio State low key also have no idea what OSU is exactly
16 West Virginia not a bad loss to KSU. they'll be fine
17 Marquette marquette has a funny resume where every team on it completely changes direction each week which means marquette goes nowhere
18 Charleston could use a marquee win now that VT is bad but otherwise still great
19 Saint Mary's okay I think the metrics might have a point on these guys, they're 12-4 and two of the losses are 14-1 Houston and 14-0 UNM
20San Diego State really, really good win at UNLV
21 Florida Atlantic owls jumpscare
22 Auburn I do not respect the SEC
23 TCU shit idk they're probably good at this point. but the nwst loss is still comedy
24 Wisconsin are you okay
25 Samford socon team of the week: samford was on a seven-game losing streak and down 60% of their starters. went 2-0 to start conference play. basketball!

Overall Rationale

also considered: duke, unc, unlv, kentucky, psu, providence, baylor, memphis, mizzou