finalfourcuse's Week 9 Ballot

1 Purdue 1 of 2 undefeated teams and several convincing wins.
2 UConn 1st loss of the season costs them the top spot.
3Kansas Looked very strong in December. Very well could repeat as champs.
4 Houston Have rebounded since their loss to Bama. #1 on KenPom, BartTorvik and NET.
5 Arizona Playing at a high level since the 12/1 loss to Utah.
6UCLA Close call against Wazzu but otherwise dominant for several weeks now.
7 Texas Tested on the road at Oklahoma and came out on top.
8 Alabama Convincing road win against Mississippi State.
9Tennessee Elite defensive numbers across the board.
10Virginia Entered the week set to face off against a pair of inferior and wiped the both out.
11 Gonzaga Very few opportunities remaining for Gonzaga to improve their standing.
12 Miami (FL) Several strong performances in the month of December.
13New Mexico The other undefeated team. The would be higher if not for the questionably poor schedule.
14 Duke Xavier's win over Connecticut helps their resume, but the Blue Devils need to start helping themselves.
15Saint Mary's Losses to Washington and Colorado State don't help but the numbers don't lie.
16 Baylor Down four spots after an embarrassing loss to Iowa State on the road.
17 Arkansas A loss to LSU is not what the Razorbacks needed to start SEC play.
18 Charleston Possibly vulnerable after overtime win vs Towson.
19 Xavier New to the rankings after beating UConn.
20Ohio State Made easy work of Northwestern on the road.
21 TCU After their bumpy start to the season TCU has been excellent.
22 Wisconsin Only one game in the last several weeks.
23 Missouri Recent wins have been very impressive.
24 Memphis A loss to Tulane is not the way, but I'll hold onto them for now.
25 West Virginia Just holding on after the Kansas State loss.

Overall Rationale

Also Considered: Auburn, Kansas State, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Florida Atlantic, Illinois, LSU, Iowa State, Indiana, San Diego State, UAB, Marquette, Penn State, Maryland, Mississippi State, Utah State, Utah, Providence