brvheart's Week Post-Season Ballot

1 UConn I hope a few voters don't vote UCONN #1. Eight losses is a lot. But right now, the way they dominated, they get my #1.
2 Florida Atlantic I think they could have beaten UCONN, and they only lost by 1 to San Diego St after a late game breakdown.
3San Diego State
4 Kansas State
5 Creighton
6Miami (FL)
7 Texas
8 Gonzaga
11 Baylor
12 Kansas
13Saint Mary's
14 Michigan State
16 Marquette
17 Alabama
18 Purdue
19 Arizona
21 Memphis
22 Fairleigh Dickinson
23 Arkansas
24 Princeton
25 Iowa State Wild card vote for getting over 40 points in their only tourney game. Even with that horrible loss, they are still top 30 in Kenpom.

Overall Rationale