Zloggt's Week Post-Season Ballot

1 UConn The champs!
2 San Diego State The runner-ups!
3Miami (FL) Had the worst loss compared to FAU - but remember, they beat THREE ranked teams to get here!
4 Florida Atlantic Was a miracle shot away from perhaps being #2...love the story, but yeah, the path was less of a challenge compared to others
5 Alabama Still #1 (hey, they beat Houston you know)...and bad loss aside, not much else can be said
6Houston Ditto (except since Alabama beat them once, they remain behind the Tide)
7 Texas Did pretty good, and perhaps got unlucky against Miami - making the Elite 8 allows them to stay here though
8 Gonzaga Overall good season - and no shame in losing to the eventual champions - probably would've ended up higher had they didn't get so BTFO'd by UConn
9UCLA Probably could've be up more if they beat Gonzaga - but hey, decent result no matter what
10Kansas State Not bad, Wildcats! Could've bumped up a spot or two if they won against MSU in regulation (or make the F4 ofc)
11 Marquette MSU loss hurts, but winning the BE Tournament allows for them to finish ahead of Kansas
12 Kansas As much as I dislike them, losing Bill Self (hope for a full recovery!) tanked the Jayhawks HARD - it'll be one of the biggest "what-ifs" this year...
13Creighton O M A H A (was impressive - and an unfortunate foul away from finishing MUCH higher)
14 Tennessee Barnes had a good tournament for once! Nothing amazing, but still a better result than an early exit - this is a perfect place for them!
15Purdue Reg Season + B1G Tournament results are perhaps the ONLY thing propping them up at this point
16 Xavier Was at-risk of dropping a lot had they lost to Kennesaw State - but hey, they didn't!
17 Arizona Being P12 Tournament champions is good - but losing to even a good #15 seed IS going to hurt you badly...
18 Indiana Miami loss was pretty rough...but I'd say they still can stay up here after all that
19 Baylor Maybe I was too harsh dropping them? Maybe...but I suppose that inertia is inevitable after the freefalling they've been through...
20Michigan State Arkansas beating Kansas was perhaps more impressive...but MSU was an OT away from making the Elite Eight, which thus puts them on top
21 Arkansas The Razorbacks still did good, of course - not much you can do when the Huskies went god mode all tournament long...
22 Duke Maybe too low, but the ACC was largely in a down year (and other teams stepped up), so I can't really do much for a team that could have, but didn't make the second weekend
23 Virginia This wouldn't have happened had you simply beat Furman (arguably too big of a drop, but you know...guess they're "exposed")
24 Saint Mary's Poll inertia maybe has them too low - after all, their lost was to the champion (and they fared better against them in less neutral ground compared to Gonzaga too...)
25 Texas A&M Bit of a pity Top 25 - really should have beaten Penn State, and yet...their overall season still sorta justifies this

Overall Rationale

Mixture of Tournament Result and Overall Season Result - recent performance is a big factor, but also not everything (at least for many, if not most of these teams)