Mills_Miles's Week Pre-Season Ballot

1 Kansas Easy favorites right now
2 Marquette I really like what's being built in Milwaukee, enough to put them #2. Shaka-laka
3Houston Welcome to the Big 12 Houston. You got a pretty easy November so just go ahead and circle February 3rd on your calendar. if you couldn't get pass Memphis, you gotta step up to win this conference
4 Texas Allow me to be bold. If they were able to right the ship after losing Beard, imagine what Terry can do with a map and compass. I'm also WAY too excited to see Max Abmas in the majors
5 UConn UConn has expectations. They will promptly get the 8 seed and lose in the first round to a SEC team. Lets be bold and say its Auburn
6Michigan State Solid team with plenty of depth and good coaching. It's a team built for March, they just have to make it there
7 Tennessee
8 Arizona
9Alabama Alabama is a basketball school.
11 Florida Atlantic BE STILL MY MID-MAJOR HEART! Anyone watching closely knows this team was special last year and were underseeded to hell. Wether it's a flash in the pan or not? I'm excited to watch and find out
12 Gonzaga So what is it this year? A lot of new faces and more St Mary's hype than ever is gonna lead to a lot of doubt, but I think Few keeps it going
13Purdue "It's once again the Zach Edey show in Purdue..." The script's plotholes were shown to a national audience last year. I'm not optimistic about them, but the talent is there. Just get it together
15San Diego State Chaos rides again in the Mountain West. It won't be easy staying at the top but SDSU always has a way of sticking around
16 Baylor
17 Duke Am I out of touch? Preseason #2? There are so many unproven assets here a CPA would be put in a coma.
18 Miami (FL)
19 Arkansas
20Texas A&M
21 Kansas State
22 USC Oh boy, I can't wait to listen to all the Bronny James talk while he's not even playing the first part of the season!
23 Kentucky it still feels like im picking the name instead of the team, but its the preseason I won't be too hard on myself
24 Virginia
25 Xavier

Overall Rationale