falconlover79's Pre-Season Ballot

1 Kentucky I'm surprised the Cats aren't getting more #1 love, the big key for me is that they have multiple capable outside shooters in Reeves and Frederick.
2 Gonzaga There probably isn't a top 5 NBA draft pick on this roster, but I think they have more depth and senior experience than usual. Malachi Smith is a baller and I think his game will translate to the WCC.
3Baylor Baylor's injury issues last year really exposed some depth issues, I don't see that being a problem this year. Keyonte George will be must-watch TV and he fits this Baylor system very well.
4 Houston Another team who hopes to be healthier this season, the Cougars have raised their recruiting pedigree by bringing in 2 talented freshmen to aid an already talented returning roster.
5 Duke Here's where things get spicy. I LOVE this Duke freshman class, this may be the most talented team in the country. There are question marks obviously, Scheyer needs to prove his coaching ability.
6North Carolina This team may have the highest floor in the country, and their ceiling may be higher than I think. I would like to see them prove that their hot finish was their true identity.
7 Texas Last year I was pretty low on Texas because I thought they had too many mouths to feed. This year I think everyone will know their role better. Oh, and Chris Beard is still their coach, right?
8 Arizona This may be a little high, but Tommy Lloyd may also just be that guy. Tubelis is primed for a huge season now that he is healthy, and Ramey is a great pickup to help a backcourt that lost 3 key pieces
9Kansas The reigning champs have an interesting roster, one that doesn't appear to have a true star. There's enough talent on this team that I know at least 1 or 2 quality players will emerge.
10Tennessee You can pretty much pencil in the Vols somewhere between 8 and 12 every preseason. I think I've picked Josiah-Jordan James to breakout 3 years in a row, maybe it finally happens this year?
11 Creighton I was a little lower on the Bluejays at first, then they added Baylor Scheierman. I think he can solve a lot of their offensive woes, as does TCU-transfer Farabello off the bench.
12 Arkansas A tough team to pinpoint. Devo Davis is the only returning player who played at least 10 minutes, with the rest being transfers and freshmen. The talent is there, for sure.
13UCLA The Bruins lost a good amount of key contributors from last year team, but Cronin recruited a solid class and Campbell and Jaquez are holdovers from the F4 run. The bigs will need to develop quickly.
14 Alabama I might be biased towards Nate Oats, heck I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. I LOVE this roster, they may lack the Herb Jones-type defender, but they will score at will. Brandon Miller is him.
15San Diego State A strong Aztecs team led by a former Pac 12 transfer look to dominate a weaker MWC. Sound familiar? They may not go 30-2, but this team could rival 2019-20 and 2010-11 for best in program history.
16 Florida State Yes, they sucked last year. Yes, Jaylen Gainey is out for the year. No, I don't care. Last year was an aberration for Leonard Hamilton, they'll be right back to normal this season.
17 TCU I'm so glad this team stuck together. They're one of the few teams to have the exact same starting 5 back again. They were a very fun team to watch if you don't mind seeing some bricks.
18 Villanova Who knows what to do with Villanova. I worry about relying too much on the freshmen (especially if Whitmore is hurt), and Neptune will need to learn on the job quickly, you aren't in the A10 anymore.
19 Florida As a UGA fan, I hate the Todd Golden hire. He's been a star at everywhere he's been, and now he has more talent than ever.
20Auburn I've loved Johni Broome's game ever since seeing him early in his freshman season. It'll be a tough transition to the SEC but I believe he can make it.
21 Texas Tech This is mostly just believing in Mark Adams. The roster doesn't wow you, and with Aimaq out until December, Daniel Batcho needs to develop quickly.
22 Butler So this is 108 spots higher than Kenpom, but what does he know. I LOVE the Matta hire, and this team has legit talent. Harris and Bates are stars, Hunter is an upgrade at PG, and Ali is a 3PT sniper.
23 Oregon I'm buying the dip on the Dana Altman stock as well. 3 legit 7-footers will be tough to matchup with. The talent around them is significant, both Richardson and Guerrier have all-league capability.
24 Michigan While they'd be the 6th best B12 team, they're my #1 B1G team. Dickinson will continue to be a problem, but Terreance Williams and the younger Howard will compliment him well.
25 Xavier Sean Miller SZN, Xavier's had top 25 talent for years, now they have a decent coach too. Next 10: UConn, Dayton, Illinois, Saint Mary's, Ohio State, Iowa, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Indiana

Overall Rationale