peachios's Pre-Season Ballot

1 North Carolina Basically everyone that maters returns except Brady Manek, which could be an issue as he seemed quite the firestarter.But another year older, and more experience with coach seems good
2 Gonzaga I mean Drew Timme is back, and there is just some magic with him, also a LOT of the team returns, sure no 5 star frosh and lost Chet. But they still are top tier
3Baylor Scott Drew has really turned Baylor into a dominant force, great team last year, adding Keyonte is a big get
4 Houston Again with coaches who proved they are insalely good, I mean he took WSU to the tourney in the 90s! But returns some from injury and a 5 star.
5 Kentucky People probably only think bad caus they got got in the tourney which happens, as always a top tier recruiting class, and Calipari does normally keep teams top tier
6Kansas So last years champ, returning some players, top 5 class, and a coach who is the best or in the talk of best right now? idk seems benefit of the doubt for losing folks is allowed
7 Duke now this is weird one, first year coach, but the talent incoming is insane. Its like, should they be this high? yes on talent, but who knows
8 UCLA Jaime Jaquez and Tyger are great experience, 2 5 stars, and Cronin is the best ucla coach ever I have heard said
9Tennessee Sure no one trusts them in the tourny, but thats not why they are here. a top 15 team last year, and returning 4/5 scorers, and a 5 star. SEC is deep this year
10Arkansas See what I mean, 3 in the top 10, this is like duke in a sense though with on the floor talent, most are gone, but 3 5 stars (jesus not many 5 stars left) and Muss buss obviously is a great coach
11 Arizona while he isn't too experience Lloyd and a majority of the returners back froom a #1 seed and a 5 star seems great for success
12 Creighton this is the most confusing one for me honestly with everythign out there, McDermott is a fine coach, but hasn't seemed THAT amazing yet (2020 is a blur to me), but he's been on the up and seems strong
13Texas idk maybe I trust Beard too much due to backlash from TTU fans, but return top2 scorers who are experiences, and 2 5 stars and a good transfer
14 Indiana a top 10 recruiting class, and maybe mike woodson can coach. Indiana back-ish?
15Auburn sure I know folks hate Pearl skeeziness, but he can recruit and coach and has experience from a great team.
16 Illinois took a little for Underwood to get it goingbut sems he got should have the Illini now
17 Villanova with our weird offseason having no Jay Wright is ... weird, but he does leave the cupboards stocked
18 Texas Tech So perhaps TTU fans are right and it wasn't Beard it was Mark Adams who was the mastermind, damn so many transfers coming in too and 4 were double digit scorers (3 at power 5 good schools)
19 Alabama Nate Oats appears quite the coach, has top 5 receruiting class with 2 5 stars, and some returnees on a decent team last year. Only question is shouldn't they be higher?
20TCU Dixon's done well at TCU, maybe taken a little longer to be higher echelon, but some years seemed unlucky not to get to NCAAT. Last year beat Kansas and took Zona to OT so seems solid. top 6 return
21 San Diego State 23-5 last year, schedule a little weak maybe, but return 4 of 5 top scorers and are VERY experiencd 9 of 12 Jr/Sr to go with 3 freshmores
22 Michigan solid returnign team and recruiting class/transfers. Howard proved before he can get them up there, lets see if they can bounce back better than last year, did well, but ranked for example
23 Florida State Other than last year (injuries) Leonard has had FSU at or near the top of the ACC/rankings. As normal they will be tall/long, but also young once we go deep.
24 Virginia Now this is a I believe in Bennett (hell again another WSU coach who took them to the tourney?) and of course we all know done well at Virgina. Many returnees and finished well
25 Dayton top 5 scorers, Anthony Grant has them doing well recently (mostly NIT and covid ruined amazing season) others fighting for this are Oregon, UCONN, Purdue, OSU, Miami, A and M its a mess down here

Overall Rationale

Pre season is all assumptions (kinda). Basically good/great coaches, experience, and high end talent mean a lot. Of course will mention last year and recent years if the coach has done well, cause nothing else to go on. except "secret" scrimmages that don't matter anyways