Mr_Otters's Pre-Season Ballot

1 Baylor Great roster balance, both role and experience
2 North Carolina Have to keep the form since they moved Davis to the point
3Houston Sneakily stacked, wish Big 12 was this year
4 Gonzaga I don't love the Reid-Timme pairing but no denying the overall roster
5 Kentucky If it wasn't for Wheeler they might be 1
6Tennessee Hard to trust in March but could win the SEC
7 Kansas More turnover than normal but they are basically always great
8 UCLA Love the additions here
9Arkansas Sea change off-season but surely some of the pieces pan out
10Duke Betting on talent to start, Whitehead in particular
11 Texas I don't trust them but they are stacked
12 Illinois Weirdly underrated it seems?
13Indiana Hopefully they don't buy the hype and let it get to them
14 Arizona Less flashy than last year but they will win 25+ games
15TCU Big and mean
16 Villanova A lot of turnover... we'll see
17 San Diego State Don't be surprised if they lose 3 games or less
18 Michigan Betting on roster pedigree a bit
19 Creighton I need to see it first before any top 10 consideration
20Miami (FL) Love love the transfers
21 Dayton Year 2 Holmes should dominate
22 Xavier Sean could win the Big East in year 1
23 Virginia Clark-Beekman is still weird, buyt is a veteran group
24 Alabama Strong bounce back candidate
25 Saint Louis Leading scorer from two years ago returns

Overall Rationale

Trying to value roster fit where I can