Travbowman's Week Pre-Season Ballot

1 Kansas Self is the best in the game and has a solid roster
2 Michigan State Izzo finally has a lot of guys back on a team
3Duke So many weapons
4 Purdue If only they can figure out the outside shooting.
5 Creighton Should be another really good year in Omaha
6Marquette Shaka in March is hard to trust but they should be very good
7 Tennessee Should be their best team in awhile
8 UConn Returning enough to keep themselves in the mix
9Houston Sampson's system works
10Florida Atlantic Hard to argue with what they did last season
11 Gonzaga Should take a step back but not that far
12 Saint Mary's Best team ever in Moraga?
13Arizona Should be the best team in the final version of Pac 12
14 Texas Full season with Terry as coach. We'll see what they can do
15Texas A&M Best team they have had since the Acie Law IV days
16 North Carolina They probably should be lower but idk...
17 Alabama Oats is going to get this team to a F4 one day
18 Kentucky Should be better, but are they "back" ?
19 Baylor Their defense wasn't very good last year. Does it get better this time around?
20Villanova Expecting a bounceback, but this conference will be tough
21 Arkansas Muss knows what he's doing even with roster turnover
22 San Diego State Dutcher made me a believer last year
23 USC Roster is loaded, will all the pieces mesh?
24 Wisconsin This feels like the kind of Wisconsin team that nobody talks about in October but is alive for a B1G title going into the last week of the season
25 Miami (FL) Computers hate them! Humans love them! Guess I'll split the differece?

Overall Rationale

Just missing the cut were Auburn, Kansas St, TCU, Illinois, and Maryland. Let's get to November and see some games!