Travbowman's Pre-Season Ballot

1 Gonzaga Returning a ton of talent. Have one of the best coaches in the game.
2 Baylor Took a pretty injured team to a 1 seed last year. Now bring back several pieces plus a really talented freshman class
3Tennessee This is the right combination of parts to have a special year in Knoxville
4 Kentucky As long as they can figure out the 3 point shooting this team has the talent to go far
5 North Carolina It's a very good team. I just don't know if it's national title good.
6UCLA It's a good combination of talent and experience
7 Houston I worry about their 3 shooting but other than that they should be very strong
8 Kansas Bill Self could bring in a roster of 13 walk ons and I'd still pencil them in for top 8
9Texas The metrics really like them. I'm not quite sure what to think.
10Arkansas Very talented team, but lack experience
11 San Diego State Should be their best team since 2020 got wrecked by Covid.
12 Arizona I'm higher on them than most right now. Yes they lost a lot, but they had the same issues going into 2021-22 and look what happened
13Creighton They have the right combo of players, I just know McDermott is a great coach
14 Duke Can't argue with the talent. Lack of experience at coach and on the roster is a worry though
15Dayton Everyone back from a team that beat last year's national champs on a neutral court
16 Virginia Tony Bennett is a magician and I'm going to ignore last year for now
17 Indiana Should be their best team in a long time but they still don't have a great backcourt
18 TCU Great team who has to solve 3 shooting
19 Villanova Question marks at head coach and best player injury is never a good start but I'll give them some benefit of the doubt
20Auburn Pearl is on a roll and roster turnover doesn't seem to matter
21 Virginia Tech Love the way they shoot the 3
22 Notre Dame Sleeper team that will surprise people this year
23 Purdue Edey could be an all American
24 Michigan Down year in Ann Arbor should still be really solid
25 Alabama Nate Oats has a style that works

Overall Rationale

I want to balance metrics and experience, and I really value good coaching and three shooting