TommyTwoTaps's Pre-Season Ballot

1 Kansas Defending champ and returning plenty of talent
2 North Carolina Last year’s runner up and they might even be a lot better
3Gonzaga Will be interested to see how the veteran leader in timme performs again
4 Baylor
5 Houston Wish we could have seen them at full potential last year, always a good threat for a deep run when it’s right
7 Duke Lost a lot of talent and will be intrigued to see the program under new leadership
8 Arkansas
11 Creighton
12 Texas
13Auburn Interested to see if they’re backcourt got better, was their down fall last year
14 Indiana
16 Villanova Another team that I’m watching closely early due to change in coaching
17 TCU
18 Virginia
19 Alabama One of the wildest resumes ever last year
21 San Diego State
22 Dayton
23 Michigan
24 Texas Tech
25 Texas A&M

Overall Rationale

Others considered: UConn, Purdue, Illinois, Mich St. Focused on returning talent from last years teams and the influx of new recruits. This will probably change drastically after games get played and tape is out there